Activities to Do When Visiting Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas has become an in demand vacation destination nowadays. Its popularity is increasing steadily. This place can offer something for each vacationer such as private and secluded getaways, nightlife activities, beachfront weddings and many more. Below are a number of top things which you should do in Cabo San Lucas:

1. Diving at the Sea of Cortez

All Mexico 365, Cabo San Lucas can be considered as a one-of-a-kind diving destination since the Sea of Cortez is situated between tropical waters and temperate waters. This sea has a unique ocean environment which support more than 800 aquatic vertebrae species. Diving here is well known for its "sand falls". It is actually a stream of sand which fall over those underwater canyons creating sand rivers which is very interesting to marvel at.

2. Horseback riding at the beach

This is available to all levels and kinds of riders in some stables at Cabo San Lucas Excursions. There are also trail rides by which you will be accompanied by guides. A trail ride could vary from desert rides to beach rides and even in those wonderful rock formations. This is an excellent way to explore the area's scenery. Also, horseback riding can be available for a whole family that has younger children who will ride with adults. To those who love horses, you could see some pure Andalusian horses at some stables in this place.

3. Whale Watching

There are several whales that will pass hundreds of meters off the shores each year in Cabo San Lucas. If you want to have this experience, you can visit this place between the months of January and March since during these months, those gray whales will migrate. Also, there are some ways to do whale watching in this city and some are offered in boat tours. Although no trip could guarantee whales passing by, the possibility is certainly on your favor. Smaller boats can increase your chances of getting a closer look as well. To learn more about cabo san lucas, you can visit

4. Hiking in the desert

If you want this kind of adventure, then you should be careful. You would need a lot of water in this hiking. Trekking through this vast desert is totally spectacular and is best done during the winter. It can be possible to do this hiking during summer months, although you should go early in the morning. Remember to have an experienced guide living in the area with you to avoid the possibility of your getting lost.

There are still a lot of activities that you can do in this city and you can search online do learn more!